Seize the opportunity in difficulty.

The marketplace can seem insurmountable.

We can help.



You need someone to help drive your business not to tell you how to run your business. To help you pull the best ideas out of your team – to prioritize, simplify and make them actionable.To help you see beyond the daily blur and set a successful direction.


You need someone to give you a perspective on competitive threats to help you to stay ahead.  You need help running some of the initiatives until you and your team can scale to handle them on your own.


We’ll help you find opportunity in difficulty, make order out of disorder and discover the strategic focus you need to succeed.  Our efforts will help you extract incremental value from your staff to drive your business


You are constantly looking for new ways to drive your business.  New ways to compete and meet the demands of the executive suite and new ways to engage and excite your staff.  It is more important than ever to discover your true wind and focus on the plan that will best reach your ultimate business goals.

Many times the problem isn’t a lack of good ideas – you probably already have great ones.  What’s missing is a process strong enough to bring them to life.  Truewind Marketing enables your busy staff to stay focused on day-to-day, while we optimize the strategic process to take full advantage of new longer term revenue opportunities.


Many plans are overly complex, leading to misunderstanding and inaction that waste staff time and company resources.  Other strategies are off-target and don’t point back to overall objectives.  It’s hard to be simple and focused, but simplicity drives clarity, which drives results.

Truewind changes our approach based on your individual needs.  No matter what your needs, all our efforts are based on proven strategic tools and techniques.  We’ll help you find opportunity in difficulty, make order out of disorder and discover the strategic focus you need to succeed.  Our efforts will help you extract incremental value from your staff to drive your business.

Today’s market is full of new opportunities and innovations, but you can’t chase them all. As directions shift and winds changes, it is important to set your own course.

Marketing Strategy

Understand how you are growing today and where you are going to grow in the future. Align your organization to maximize your strengths and opportunities while minimizing your threats and weaknesses.

Consumer Insights and Segmentation

Hidden and valuable customer insights can be factored into your planning to improve decisions. Customer wants and behaviors will point the way to profitable segments.

Value Proposition

Develop compelling and unique value propositions based on needs and preferences of your customers.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Develop strong go-to-market strategies, which will connect your strategy with customer experience.

Product and category management

Develop strategy to optimize your product portfolio, product development and innovation capability.

Customer Experience

Find ways to maximize your customers experience and improve loyalty. Your most profitable customers are your current customers. Understand how to retain and nature them.

What We Solve

Revenue issues

We help you define a path to greater top line sales and profitability.

Team misalignment

We facilitate strategic discussions to ensure your teams are engaged and empowered and are working the most important initiatives at the right time.

Weakened customer relationships

We help you get closer to and improve your relationships your customers.  Develop a better understanding as to how, when and where your customers want you to engage.

Lack of new ideas

We help you develop a culture and system of innovation to ensure long term viability.

Our Clients

The Hershey Company

Brookside Integration Team, Hershey Franchise Brand Team, Mass/Drug Class of Trade Team Marketing Leadership – Consumer Insights and Segmentation, Product and Category Management, Value Proposition, Go-to-Market Strategy.

Noble Biomaterials, X-Static, XT2 Brands

Marketing Leadership, Product and Category Management, Go-to-Market Strategy.

Abbott Nutrition

Strategic Marketing Planning – Ensure

Berwind Corporation

Customer Experience – Communication Audit

Wellshire Farms

Strategic Planning

Gnosis Advanced Biotech

Strategic Planning, Customer Assessment


Strategic Marketing Planning, Value Proposition, Customer Experience

New Horizons

Value Proposition Positioning, Customer Insights and Segmentation

United One

Strategic Marketing Planning, Customer Insights and Segmentation, Product and Category Management. Customer Experience.

Cozen O’Connor

Value Proposition, Customer Insights and Segmentation

Ransome Cat

Value Proposition, Customer Experience.

John Sullivan

With over twenty years of brand management and marketing experience in consumer products, technology, food and medical devices, John brings solid client side thinking to the table. John helps his clients better understand their environment and how their customers are thinking and feeling. He helps them simplify their approach and define the initiative that will help them grow.

As the founder and Managing Partner of Truewind Marketing LLC, he created a resource he always wanted as a client. A partner to help expand strategic thinking and extend the ability to accomplish projects that will make an impact.

Fifteen years of his experience have been with Hershey Foods and W.L. Gore and Associates, where he managed brands such as Hershey’s Kisses, Twizzlers, Jolly Rancher, Hershey Cocoa, Gore-Tex Garments, Glide Dental Floss and Gore Medical Products.

His global brand management background allows him to contribute to strategic planning, brand management, marketing research, new product development, advertising, public relations, and promotions planning and management client needs.

John earned an MBA with a Marketing Concentration from American University and a B.S. with a major in marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. John lives with his wife, daughter and son in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Marty McLaughlin

Marty loves what he does and this shows through every conversation. He helps clients identify, capture and clearly communicate a unique market position and compelling points of differentiation. He develops strategic platforms through extensive and interactive engagement with his clients’ customers. He provides solutions in the form of consulting assignments, facilitated strategy sessions, and outsourced CMO services.

Prior clients have included: Microsoft Corporation, SAP Americas, SEI Investments, Aramark, Schinder Elevator, Perdue Farms, SDI, Kreishler Miller and KidsHealth (Nemours).

Marty is also the Managing Partner and Founder of Mosaic Partners LLC. Prior to launching Mosaic, he was Senior Manager in the Emerging Growth Consulting Practice of Anderson Consulting.

Marty currently services as an executive coach within Villanova’s Executive MBA program. He resides in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania with his wife Soly and son Alexander.

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